Friday, August 01, 2008


This is what my page-a-day calendar was showing last night - it pretty much sums up my life of late.

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In lieu of a longer post (which might never get written), I've got a couple of pictues of things I've happily discovered of late.

First up are these storage bins from Dollarama. [Yes, I have a strong dislike for the whole China factor and generally try to avoid the place - but I was able to put it on hold for long enough to make the purchase.] They are about 3.5-4" high, and 8-9" by 12-13" or so - I forgot to measure them before I left the house. I love that they are just the right size for storing cut strips, as well as being lightweight, flexible, and collapsible.

You can sort your wool strips and yarns into as many different categories as you have bins (i.e. by colour, value, intensity, etc.) I originally bought 10 black ones...and when I went back for more, had to settle for the cream coloured ones.

The only problem is that I have to find a place for storing the full bins. I'm also going to start writing some colours on the outside, too (or else attach some tags to the handles).

Next up is this leather purse closure I happened upon a couple of weeks ago. It's made by the same folks who make the leather handles and I bought it here. I'm not sure when it will go into service, but for now I just enjoy looking at it and admiring the gorgeous olivey-green colour.

I'm off to the Campsite for most of the weekend, spending time with some of my favourite little people. Oh, and there'll be a quick field trip to the city for a haircut thrown in there, too!