Wednesday, May 01, 2013

random housekeeping

::  Guatemalan Textiles @ the Textile Museum of Canada
So exciting to know that three rugs, hooked by three lovely ladies I met on my trip will soon be on display at the Textile Museum in Toronto.  Definitely a road-trip worthy event - and one I will be making!

::  OHCG Kingston Annual
Sadly I will have to skip out on attending (and vending) at the Annual this year.   I had already decided that I wanted to be able to ride the creative momentum that was undoubtedly going to surge following my travels earlier in the year (and did!), and I was planning to take a year off from vending, so that I didn't have to focus all of my energy and spare time on getting products ready for market....but I was still hoping to be able to just go, see, chat, and hang out with my peeps.  Sadly, the %$^#&*@! day job is getting in the way again and I can't get around working that weekend.  So I am feeling a little bummed, but in the scheme of things it's a very minor.... ;-) 

::  R.U.G. on May 4th
Yes, I will be vending again at R.U.G., this upcoming Saturday, at the Simcoe County Museum.  As I am not going to be at the Annual this year, and I would really like to reduce a bit of my inventory and free up some space in my hallway.....I have decided to offer a rare sale of 10% off all in-stock and available items.  Discount available in person and at R.U.G. on May 4th, only.   Hope to see you there!  ;-)

::  May is Making up for Lost Time Month for me
For the past couple of weeks, I've been trying to tackle the growing list of things I've been waiting and wanting to do, but just never seem to get around to it.  So far I have finished a purse, made 2 pieced Euro shams, hemmed two pairs of jeans, caught up on my business paperwork and figured out my taxes (admittedly at the 11th hour, so it barely counts...LOL!), and other, more trivial matters.  I will share some snaps of the fun stuff soon.....and hopefully continue adding to the list.

:: Cool video site
I found a link to this site on someones blog - sorry can't remember where, just that it was a non-rug hooking one – to little scraps of paper.  The site contains many short little documentaries of various artisans, their studios, inspirations, glimpses of process, and bits of wisdom.  A great way to distract you from things you should be doing....and hopefully inspire you to get back to them!  ;-)  
I have watched quite a few, but am trying to draw them out a savour, rather than gorge.  Enjoy.