Monday, October 22, 2012

getting ready....again!

Returned home yesterday afternoon from my AMM workshop at Mary Helen's with a wonderful bunch of ladies (thank you for a fun couple of days! :-) ) ....and for the sake of efficiency, tried to match up every load coming in with another load going back out to the car.  It's a little mind-boggling, but I am hitting the road again in a couple of days for 3 back-to-back workshops in London.  The trunk is already full and I'm only about half-packed.....yikes!  Needless-to-say, the next couple of nights will be busy ones with last-minute preparations.

P.S.  Here is a link to a helpful tutorial on making straps  – I know I will be giving this method a try!

Friday, October 19, 2012

feeling red

I snapped a pic of this gorgeous wool shawl in Aurora, NY at MacKenzie-Childs.  Love, love, love the various red splotches in the background with just little pops of other colours.    Just a little too rich for my blood wallet, at $150...but I did leave with a cool mug! ;-)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Today at Dollarama...

Neat mesh bags with fun spectrum stripes. $1.25 each. Now if only they came with a promise of better organization...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

taken at Anderson Alley • Rochester, NY

Lucky us - we were in town for the Open Studio night here.....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

what's up?

I didn't think that any activity could sink lower on my list of priorities than 'exercising'....but apparently blogging has done just that lately.  LOL!  Strangely, I can't seem to isolate a single dominating reason.  Yes, I have been busy and have an even busier schedule for the next few weeks (teaching 4 two-day workshops, a speaking engagement, taking a three-day class and making my annual pilgrimage to Vermont -- all happening before a month passes).  And because I've been busy getting ready for all of that -- and avoiding getting ready by escaping into the world of mind-candy books -- I haven't really been creating much, so that doesn't really help matters.  Or maybe it's just because I'm starting my seventh year of blogging....and I need to shake things up a bit?    Who knows.....

What I do know for sure is that the lack of blogging makes me feel guilty.   And deep down, I know that's a pretty silly waste of energy....but it still festers.   So I've decided to combat the guilt by setting a realistic goal of posting just a picture every day most days for the next while.  Sometimes there will be an accompanying sentence or two, but in the aim of keeping it manageable, I am not promising anything more than a picture.

Hopefully this new challenge will help me to get my blogging mojo back.  In the meantime, here is today's snap....taken a couple of weeks ago along the Gorge Trail at Watkins Glen State Park, NY.   Okay, so there are quite a few more than just one -- I was having a hard time deciding, and it was taking too long....LOL!  Single photos start tomorrow.... ;-)

P.S.  I totally recommend visiting and doing the hike, if you are nearby and able - it's about 3 miles round trip and, although we didn't count, I don't dispute the 800 steps (stairs) each way!  :-D

Monday, October 08, 2012

I'm baaaaaaack!

I was away for just over a week, and arrived home smack in the middle of family Thanksgiving gatherings.  I am still tackling 100+ emails, unpacking (mostly just the putting away from the unpacking, and finding homes for the new additions is left), and trying to catch up on all of the TV episodes I missed (somehow zonking in front of the screen for an hour is a lot more attractive than actually working....LOL!)

I've lots of photos to share from my adventures....just as soon as I upload the rest of them!  In the meantime, here is a little sneak peak and some more information about a couple of upcoming events....

Northern Needle Arts Retreat, South River, ON
There are still a couple of spots available in my can find out more information here.

R.U.G. •  Saturday November 03, 2012
Simcoe County Museum,  9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m

~ A Social Gathering For All Those Interested in Traditional Rug Hooking ~   Everyone Welcome!


Afternoon Speaker:  Jennifer Manuell (yes, me! ;-) )talking about her trip to England.

There will be time for an afternoon hook-in so be sure to bring your hooking projects to work on! 

The Simcoe County Museum is located at 1151 Highway 26, Minesing, Ontario, minutes northwest of Barrie.   From Barrie, follow Bayfield Street North and exit at Highway 26.   The Museum is on the south side of the highway. 

Hostess Group:  "Others"
If you have not brought food for the refreshment table before, please do so this time.

Lighthouse Challenge
In Support of the Rug Hooking Museum of North America
Bring your finished pieces. 
We will accept your work at future R.U.G. meetings as well.

Barn Raising Project
Your intent to enter forms are due at this meeting.

If you wish to book a table to sell rug hooking supplies, please contact Linda Wilson at seven05-835-7589 
or billwil AT sympatico DOT ca

Do not forget to bring - your hooking projects for 'Show and Tell', a brown bag lunch with a mug, and of course your name tag!
As always please remember:  The museum is a nut free

Please bring

Any items you wish to donate to the Rug Hooking Museum of North America
Any items you wish to donate for auction to support the Simcoe County Museum

NEWS FLASH: “Scissor Sharpening Plus Fraser and Bliss Cutting Machine Clinic”

Reminder of upcoming dates and Hostesses
Spring 2013 Date is 04 May 2013
Fall 2013 Date is 05 Oct 2013 - Hostess Group will be Huronia Branch. 
- There will be the presentation of the "Barn Raising Project".