Wednesday, September 26, 2007

sewing time

So I drew, sewed, hooked and pressed... and now I'm ready to put it all together into a purse. I was happy to pull the last few loops last night and drag out the elna press to work its magic. In retrospect, were I ever to use this type of handle again, I would just baste them in place, hook tightly around them, remove them and then wait to sew them properly once the pressing was done. Not only would this keep them out of the way and from being a would also be a little better for them. They didn't really appreciate the steam bath (not that you can really tell unless you look closely).

I am anxious to start sewing the darts up and the sides on tonight. Unfortunately I won't be able to do too much more than that until my sewing machine returns. I still need to make my lining and sew it into place...along with adding a zipper closure and sewing down the top trim. I have a sneaky suspicion that this won't all come to pass for a while yet.

I am off to R.U.G. at the Simcoe County Museum in Midhurst on Saturday September 29th. It is always a goog day when rug hookers gather together....and this is a great event. If you are anywhere nearby, you should try to come. Registration and Vendors open at 9:30am, program starts at 10. Things usually wrap up mid-afternoon. Please bring a mug, a bagged lunch, and something for show and tell.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

owl love

Just over three weeks ago, I enjoyed my first 24 hour period of time alone in my place in months. To celebrate, I started pulling wool off the shelves, grabbing lining fabric from the stash and choosing some Ultrasuede to go with the pile...

I came up with an idea. I've wanted a purse with an owl on it for quite some time - ever since I saw my cuz Laura's cute jacket (I will take a picture next time I am down and post it for all to see). I sketched (and modified) my motifs. Found some backing. Got out the lightbox. Drew the pattern. All before Lunch. Then crisis arose and much time was wasted when I broke my sewing machine. No Singer meant that I was unable to sew my top trim in place or make my handles. I started hooking anyway - I was so eager to get started.

I hooked everyday for the next five or six days. Have you ever noticed how your hooking changes after a long lapse? I am not only much slower, I tend not to pull my loops up quite as high and cram them a little closer together. I was getting a little frustrated with my lack of progress and more and more annoyed about my lack of Singer. I used that as an excuse to take a break (after all, I needed to leave lots of room to sew on the pieces) for a week or two.

Then last week, I went to visit Karen at my favourite local yarn store, and discovered the most gorgeous hand-made leather handles. With my name written all over them - a perfect match for my owl purse! This was all the motivation I needed - that night I had the handles sewn onto my backing before I even stopped to make supper...and I continued hooking until I forced myself to go to bed.

I hooked for the next few days, and was amazed at how quickly it was filling in...

Both sides are now at about the same stage. I am hoping that my sewing machine will be back at home soon....but if not, I've already decided to go and impose on AJ this weekend and use her's. Just so I can keep up the momentum - and because I promised myself I couldn't start the next one until it's finished.

Even though I haven't been hooking for the last couple of days, I refuse to put my wool away. That's a surefire way to delay progress.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

whew, i made it.

I am sure glad that summer is over (although you wouldn't know it by the beautiful sunny day outside). The past couple of weeks have been a slow return to normal for me. I'm back to the gym. I'm hooking again for the first time in 2 months. The food in my fridge isn't half rotten. My place doesn't look like a bomb just hit. I'm organized enough to make my lunch most days. Oh, and I got my haircut ;-)

I'm also making a return to my blog. I've missed it. I've had a lot of great ideas for posts. At one time I thought that I should make a list....but of course this never did happen, so I'll just have to try my best to remember even half of them.

I have no photos today - sorry. I thought a word post was better than none at all. I will try to upload some pictures tomorrow. I am loving my newest purse, and can't wait for my sewing machine to come home from the 'hospital' and return to active service and finish it up. I will show you some pictures very soon.

In the meantime, if you want photos of rug hooking....there is an article in the September issue of Country Home on rug hooker, Jane Bescherer (sp?). I was in a class with Jane at Shelburne a couple of years ago. Check it out the next time your in line at the grocery store!