Thursday, September 20, 2007

owl love

Just over three weeks ago, I enjoyed my first 24 hour period of time alone in my place in months. To celebrate, I started pulling wool off the shelves, grabbing lining fabric from the stash and choosing some Ultrasuede to go with the pile...

I came up with an idea. I've wanted a purse with an owl on it for quite some time - ever since I saw my cuz Laura's cute jacket (I will take a picture next time I am down and post it for all to see). I sketched (and modified) my motifs. Found some backing. Got out the lightbox. Drew the pattern. All before Lunch. Then crisis arose and much time was wasted when I broke my sewing machine. No Singer meant that I was unable to sew my top trim in place or make my handles. I started hooking anyway - I was so eager to get started.

I hooked everyday for the next five or six days. Have you ever noticed how your hooking changes after a long lapse? I am not only much slower, I tend not to pull my loops up quite as high and cram them a little closer together. I was getting a little frustrated with my lack of progress and more and more annoyed about my lack of Singer. I used that as an excuse to take a break (after all, I needed to leave lots of room to sew on the pieces) for a week or two.

Then last week, I went to visit Karen at my favourite local yarn store, and discovered the most gorgeous hand-made leather handles. With my name written all over them - a perfect match for my owl purse! This was all the motivation I needed - that night I had the handles sewn onto my backing before I even stopped to make supper...and I continued hooking until I forced myself to go to bed.

I hooked for the next few days, and was amazed at how quickly it was filling in...

Both sides are now at about the same stage. I am hoping that my sewing machine will be back at home soon....but if not, I've already decided to go and impose on AJ this weekend and use her's. Just so I can keep up the momentum - and because I promised myself I couldn't start the next one until it's finished.

Even though I haven't been hooking for the last couple of days, I refuse to put my wool away. That's a surefire way to delay progress.