Tuesday, July 27, 2010

week nine: 19.121 square feet

Not a single loop hooked this week, and now I seem to have hurt my shoulder.....oops! Hopefully I'll soon be hooking again.

The last few weeks have been busy -- and hot! That's what summer is all about.....hope you're enjoying summer, too.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Week Eight: 19.121 square feet

It's no coincidence that knitting is included in the photo....since that's pretty much all I have to show for myself this week. Well knitting and the two short rows of cream/navy houndstooth I hooked one night last week. I've decided that it's just plain old too hot to hook....so in the meantime I'm taking it easy and trying not to razz myself too much. There will be lots of time for hooking in the weeks and months ahead.....not to mention lots of days with much cooler temperatures!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Week Seven: 19.12 square feet

No, that's not a typo -- I only hooked about 18 square inches this past week, between the heat, work, and several celebrations and gatherings. I'm feeling more worried than disappointed with the lack of progress..... and more than a little afraid that I might lose the momentum of my first few weeks. I'm definitely planning to get more done this week.....

P.S. My internet has been down since Thursday afternoon, and is finally up and running now. I'm playing catch-up, with over 50 e-mails.....so my apologies if you've been waiting for a reply. I hope to get caught up in the next day or so and I thank you for your patience....

Monday, July 05, 2010

Week Six: 19 square feet

It was a slow week for hooking....but as I keep reminding myself: as long as I don't stop, I will finish! I was only able to hook 3 evenings this past week, and that's okay. Any amount of progress is still progress.

Work is crazy busy, life is normal busy, and it feels like summer is finally here! I set up my tent at the Campsite on the weekend and it was good to escape reality and slept there Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday and Sunday were both great days spent at the beach, swimming with the kids, paddle boating, reading, and having a fun time. I was too tired (and a little crisy) to hook last night. Hopefully it's just the first of many such weekend this summer....