Thursday, May 10, 2007

yummy wool

Isn’t this beautiful wool? It is marbleized using linings…and there will be directions for how to make your own similar wools in the next issue of the R.U.G. sack. When will it arrive in your mailboxes? I am hoping to have it ready to head to the printers right after Victoria Day.

Just for kicks, I thought that it would be interesting to figure out how much time it takes me to write and assemble one issue. So I’ve been keeping track, and so far I’ve spent 11.5 hours on it – and I’m not even half finished! All of the pictures are cropped, I’ve finished the front and back covers, and I’ve started work on the content. I’m afraid that only “started” is appropriate. For all of my good intentions to get a bunch of articles written ahead of time, I only managed to type up a couple of things beforehand. I am getting better though, since I usually leave everything until after R.U.G.