Wednesday, January 02, 2008

happy new year!

...and best wishes for a really great 2008 ;-)

I'm looking forward to a year of new projects and lots of great posts. After all of the celebrations wound down (and I recovered from a brief encounter with the flu), I started on my de-junking and reorganizing project. I've been at it for 4 days now, and just took 2 big bags to the Sally Ann, 2 to the dumpster at work, and there are 4 big bags of recycling waiting for Tuesday to arrive. While far from finished, I think that I will try to wrap things up tonight and get back to some fun again.

I'm off to the city tomorrow for a two-day jaunt and home again in time for a dye day on Saturday. I've already got a big pile of wool waiting to be ripped and torn....along with some very scary pieces I found hiding in a corner of the closet this morning, that need to be reincarnated. Lots of pictures will follow, don't worry...

Other good news is that I should soon have highspeed at home. It was supposed to be up and running two weeks ago (around the same time I last went online - hence the lack of posts or e-mails)....but things are never simple. The most recent word is that the linemen will be resolving the problem in 72 hours (up tomorrow night). So please keep your fingers crossed.