Thursday, November 03, 2011

the lucky ducks

Since my fish is still thawing out...I thought I would go ahead and do the draw before supper, and put an end to the suspense :-D To save time (and my own ink...LOL!) I printed off all of the comments at work this afternoon, so all I had to do when I got home was to fold them and put them into bowls.....and then fluff them up with my fingers before selecting just one.

So without further adieu, I'm pleased to present the chosen ones....

Sorry about the blurry, dull photo....but it's almost dark out already. In case you can't focus on the names they are....

Gayle ("I honestly can't remember how I found you - just bouncing around in the rug hooking blogging community I guess") will be the new owner of my collection of "The R.U.G. sack"

Michelle/midgeeteacher ("I love your purses and saw you at green mountain when you taught there and heard good things about you.") will be receiving the purse pattern of her choice.

Lauri/Miz T. ("I just returned from the ATHA biennial and has such a wonderful time taking classes and enjoying the show that I would hope to make it a biennial trip. The Green Mountain Guild Vermont show is even more amazing but that's close...not a vacation. I love the outside embroidery best with the beautiful birds.") will be receiving the beautiful "outside" embroidery I purchased from African Threads.

Claire ("I use mostly 6 & 8 cuts with wool, fleece and sometimes specialty yarns for a bit of bling.") will be receiving a copy of my "Amazing Matrix" booklet.

Barbara Kimborough ("Green, green, green and more green, yellow green, sage green, bronze green, lime green, evergreen green, pear green, grasshopper green, mallard green, teal, apple green, lime green, antique black green, grey green, chartreuse.... love, love, love it all.") will be receiving some slub green, of course!

Congratulations ladies! Please send an e-mail asap to fisheyerugs AT hotmail DOT com with your snail mail addresses and full names...and I will get those parcels off in the mail to you quickly.

To everyone else who participated, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! It was so wonderful to get a flurry of comments....from newbies and longstanding supporters alike. Everyone who has a blog knows how great it is to get those notification emails -- and to me it never gets tiresome (hint, hint! :-) ) I won't promise to keep blogging for another 5 years, but I will say that if I do, there will definitely be some great prizes when I hit 10!

Happy weekend everyone. Enjoy your extra hour on Sunday.....I hope you use it to do something fun and creative. I'll be back next week with a whole list of things I've been wanting to share with you....