Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hubris... pottery pictures today--I forgot to bring my camera with me last night. It's just as well. I was off to a poor start yesterday--unable to create anything worth saving until the last third of the class, when I did three round bowls in a row.

Sometimes we have such high expectations of ourselves that it can result in an inability to create anything. It is so easy to get focused on the finished product and miss out on the experience of the process. We must remind ourselves of this often. When I'm working on my rugs and this happens, I usually just stop, relax for a bit--sometimes days--and then get back at it. In a class atmosphere though, you don't always have (or feel that you can have) that luxury--expecially when it's a project that you can only work on in that class. Maybe I should just start heeding my Mum's advice and take up meditation... Not today, I'm too tired.

+ + + + + + + + +

I picked up the newsletters yesterday afternoon and stuffed them into envelopes after pottery until one in the hopefully Canada Post will be speedy in their delivery of the R.U.G. Sack to your doorsteps and some of you might even receive them before the weekend. Enjoy!