Friday, June 01, 2007

what do you bring?

What do you bring to a hook-in when you don't have a project on the go? I'll let you know after tomorrow.

I'm off to the northern hook-in in Powassan tomorrow...and I haven't hooked anything in months. The only real WIP kicking around is something I started 5 years ago (and I haven't hooked on it for at least 2 years). I love this rug, but it feels like it's too much work to try and gather the wool together. It doesn't help that I already know some of it has been hooked up into other projects.

Last night I had an idea to just bring some miniature punch needle won't take up too much room and it won't be an unnecessary "cloak" in the heat. The problem of what to hook...what design and motifs remains.

I could also start a new pattern -- I am my mother's daughter afterall, and there is nothing like a deadline to spring me into action. Maybe I will whip up a purse pattern tonight...or a pillow...a runner....or a small mat. It has to be small, I don't want too much of blanket on my lap. In any case, I won't get anything done sitting here typing.... keep posted.