Wednesday, November 14, 2007

dangerous discovery

When I was a kid, one of my favourite treats was Turkish delight. We would buy it in little chunks at the department store in Davenport, and eat it straight out of the paper bag before we even got home (and sometimes before we'd left the store!). Over the years I have bought Turkish delight whenever I happen to see it - not the "Big Turk" variety, but the stuff that usually comes in purple wrappers.

When we were in Halifax last month, I discovered these jumbo Cadbury's Turkish delight bars at Pete's Frootique. They are delicious! We consumed two of the bars during our trip and two others came home with me for my sisters. They were delighted with their gifts (pun intended!)

The other day,I was thinking that it would be a good idea to try and order some for Christmas. Before I started searching online, I checked out our local candy store, the Nutty Chocolatier, yesterday. Imagine my surprise (and later horror) to discover they carry these oh-so-yummy chocolate bars. I can see the future and it does not look good for my new (smaller) pants. ...some rules will definitely need to be set about the circumstances under which I will allow myself to buy and consume these chocolates. And soon.

When I wasn't busy savouring my chocolate (yes, I bought some yesterday!), I was busy working on the runner. I finished off the whipping last night, and had time for another quick pressing. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and I think there will be more colourful, geometric rugs in my future - they're a lot of fun and pretty quick to execute. The dyed yarn worked well, and I'm sure I'll be doing that again and again - it's so much easier than blending several yarns and threads together and gives a more even finish, too. (pictures will follow when I'm home in daylight hours ;-) )

In total, I used just under 20g (less than half) of a skein of Ultra Alpaca light to whip around the rug (about 9', if my mental math is correct). At $5.85 for a skein, it was pretty inexpensive. This yarn is nice and soft, but a little bit hairy, though - so I might try a different yarn the next time around.

I will be visiting my LYS today and getting some feedback, so I will be sure to pass along Karen's suggestions.