Monday, November 12, 2007

happy monday!

First up, there will not be any pictures today folks - and it's not because I didn't take any! Apparently the new operating system (Leopard) I installed on Friday is incompatible with my version of I can't modify, crop and reduce resolution in my normal way. I'm sure that I can do something similar in iPhoto, but I need some time to play around first.

The owl purse was finished and delivered. It looks so, so much better with the hand-sewn trim - I can't believe the difference. I imagine the Ultrasuede will likely be staying in the drawer for a while I switch allegiance to wool.

I successfully dyed some yarn to whip my squares runner. I don't know too much about dyeing yarn, but here's what I did... (please let me know if you think I need to adjust my method - all help is appreciated ;-) )

I started off with 2 skeins of natural coloured Berroco Ultra Light Alpaca (50% Alpaca/50% wool), soaked in some warm water and Jet Dry. I squeezed out the excess water and lay one skein out on a clear plastic garbage bag.

For attempt #1, I used 8 colours of dye (712-Juniper, 729-Evergreen, 725-Forest Green, 719-Grasshopper, 68-Paprika, 349-Fushia, 808-Raspberry, 306-Turkey Red). In separate containers, I used 1/64 tsp of dry dye and the equivalent amount of citric acid in about 30-40 ml of boiling water. Poured each one on in sections and rubbed it in. then I folded it up in the plastic bag, making it small enough to fit in my microwave, and cooked it on high for 5 minutes. The results were surprising. There was very little movement of dye and very little runoff when I rinsed it. The overall colour was a little lighter than I wanted, so I mixed things up a bit for the second skein.

For attempt #2, I used 6 colours of dye (713-Olive Drab, 714- Mallard Greet, MC Moss Green, 306 Turkey Red, 808-Raspberry (+GS), 351-Bright Red (+GS)). I used more dye - 1/32 of each colour and the equivalent of citric acid in the same amount of boiling water (30-40mL). I also added Glaubber salts (GS) to a couple of the reds. The additional 4/64 tsp (or 50% more) dry dye gave a more medium colour, which was closer to what I was looking for...

I squeezed out the excess water between a couple of old towels and hung it up to dry. Several hours later, I was running out of patience and broke out the blow dryer to get rid of the last bit of dampness. A few minutes later I was winding it into a ball. Last night I whipped for a while, and I'm already a third of the way around!

Hopefully I will play around with my computer tonight and have some pictures tomorrow....