Monday, February 04, 2008

2nd and 3rd mare monday

A thousand apologies on the lack of post last week. I had forgotten to take a picture on Monday before I sped out the door, heading for work. On Tuesday I had the camera, the rug, and the computer - but no cable to connect them. Oh, and I didn't come back home again until last that's why there was no post. Sorry.

As you will soon see, you haven't missed much. There was just a teensy bit of hooking added below the saddle for last Monday's photo...

Here is this week's update...a little more done - but there's still a long way to the finish line.

I would love to post more, but it's just another manic Monday around here....and there is just no time. I will tried to respond to e-mails and comments before I hit the road again on Wednesday morning.