Tuesday, February 19, 2008

mare monday #4 and #5

Okay...so just in case you haven't figured it out yet, February has been a crazy-busy month for me. Up until this weekend, I'd only been home for two full days. Consequently there was no post last MM - because I was busy, and also because there was absolutely no change from the previous week.

I happily closeted myself at home this weekend...enjoying my comfy bed, relaxing and hooking. The weather gave me a good excuse to be lazy, and this is my first chance to post online.

Progress on the horse finally resumed...and here's what it looked like yesterday (Monday) morning...

Now usually my Monday pictures have been taken before I have a chance to do any hooking for the day...but since yesterday was a holiday, I was quite productive. Here's the horse now - at the end of the day on Monday...

I am quite happy with the way it is coming. The front legs definitely need some re-hooking, and of course I've left the trickiest part for last - the head!

Wish me luck - I think I'll need it.