Friday, August 20, 2010

yum yum silk

When I first discovered sari silk ribbons several years ago, it was love at first sight. Not only was it something new and different, but it was also such an interesting texture and sheen, which added great contrast against more matte wool. I especially loved the shiny factor and that almost every strip in the skein was unique and different. The rare striped and brocade pieces were always a special treat.

In the last while, this attraction has been waning and I've become a little disenchanted by the ribbons that were available. It seemed to change from something unique to something mass-produced, less silky, a little dull....and oh, so fuzzy and hairy. (I had a really hard time with the hairiness.....and spent way too much time cutting it off!)

So I was thrilled to find a new source for the ribbon recently that is more like the ribbon I first fell in love with.....and I'm giving it a second chance. Of course, the new skeins are bigger (100g) and they only come in assorted skeins, but that's no biggie, there's just more selection. And, each skein practically comes with the promise of being perfect for several projects!

I cannot wait to start playing around with it in my next batch of clutches and coin purses – it's almost like getting a new box of crayons or coloured pencils for back to school! ;-)