Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guatemala Day 6 - Panajachel + Santiago Atitlan

This morning we met out buddies back at Casa Cakchiquel and spent the morning working on our rugs. With a very simple drawing as a pattern, we are starting to improvise and add in elements on the fly. It's lots of fun, and I am trying to hook quickly, so that I can progress further with the piece.
Not too long after we arrived at the centre, Rayna did my hair for me, using one of the woven hair bands I purchased earlier in the week. Tres chic! ;-)
It actually felt really good in my hair. I just need to practice so that I can do my own at home....
Zoila and I, along with some of the other participants opted to take a short break to go and visit the textile market, selling used traditional clothing. The selection and variety still overwhelms us, but I must say that it's wonderful to have a local to do the negotiating! I have been trying to keep track of how much I have spent on each item, and there is a real range - even for similar things. We have been acquiring a nice collection of items... ;-)
Shortly after a delicious lunch of chiles stuffed with chicken (can't remember their name - roulades?), yummy mushroom sauce and piquante, with rice....we headed down to the public docks to catch a boat ride across the lake. We were all laughing when we saw the size of the boat that we were expected to all fit on....and after a little consultation, a second boat was on its way.

It was about a 20 minute ride across.
Santiago is home to many wonderful embroiderers, and their huipils (blouses) are famous for their bird embroideries. On our walk up from the boat, we stopped to visit some craftspeople that Jody has known and worked with for years through Farmer to Farmer. It was so wonderful to have an opportunity to purchase directly from the makers -- and we all took advantage of this opportunity! ;-). A total win:win for all.
(Yes, AB --> that green bird huipil is for you! :-) )
When the shopping was finished, it was time to head up to the Posada. Wow! What another amazing and unique hotel. And the food was the best we have had so far on our trip. We were all feeling a little zapped, so a little unwinding poolside was in order.
As the trip goes on, it's getting harder and harder to keep up with the blogging. Although it's by no means complete, it's a good start. Plus, I know that when I get back home, work will be so crazy busy that there will be no time to catch up. So I will continue to try my best to keep the posts coming....