Sunday, February 24, 2013

Guatemala Day 9 - Panajachel

Today was our last full day of hooking (we go back tomorrow for a half day). In the afternoon, we had a lovely celebration ceremony, complete with singing and dancing, sharing mutual admiration and gratitude, and exchanging some small gifts. I took pictures of each of the participants with their buddies - and their rugs - and Jody ran and got them printed and framed for us to share. One thing that we all noticed is that the Guatemalan women had very few photos or even access to cameras, etc., so this was a great idea (kudos Jody!) that will provide them with a lasting memento. The only tricky part was trying to get them to SMILE! They are so stoic.

So without further ado...and in no particular order (other than the order the photos were taken), here are the 2013 Tour participants and their buddies....

Marcella and Elaine
Yolanda and Kristen
Zoila and me
Carmen and Sandra
Maria and Sue
Ramona and Linda
Cindy and Lori
Marta and Donna
Paula and Jody
Glendy and Sally Ann
Rosmery and Mary Ellen
Yessica and Cathie

Now if you are paying attention, you might notice that I am wearing Traje (pronounced traw-hey). Zoila so sweetly brought me a complete set to wear "for one day only". It consists of a huipil (wee-peel = blouse), corta (court-ah = skirt), faja (fa-ha = belt). It was lots of fun to play dress-up!
We had an amazing dinner at a lovely bed and breakfast, with beautiful gardens and wonderfully smelling evening jasmine perfuming the air once it got dark. A very magical place that I would love to visit in the daytime - and better yet stay there.

Again, the days are starting to feel very long and we are eager to get to bed at night. 9pm feels like 11!