Thursday, October 10, 2013

cool beans

I received a v. interesting email yesterday from The Textile Museum about an upcoming event/workshop/project and wanted to share with those who might be interested.....

"We’ve partnered with Creative Matters (a Toronto based rug design firm) to host a display, a series of workshops and a lecture about rug design and production. The workshops are 2 hours each and invite participants into our exhibitions to design artwork for a rug design. The designs will be judged and the wining rug will be hand-woven by fair trade artists in Nepal."

You can learn more about it here.  Unfortunately I will just be flying back from Nova Scotia that day, so can't attend myself....but I would love to hear from anyone who attends about the experience... ;-)

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I am so behind in my blogging lately, I might never catch up.....projects without photos, photos without posts, and a desperate need for an assistant!  Sadly, nobody wants to work for free, but maybe I could convince someone to work for wool...?  ;-)  The good news is that I am back in the habit of making AND feeling like blogging again (finally!), just need to make the time...