Thursday, October 03, 2013

yesterday at the Textile Museum of Canada

I am freshly back from a little whirlwind trip to the city, where I met up with Elaine and we went and took in the "Artistry and Ancestry: Maya Textiles from Guatemala" show at the Textile Museum and then returned for a hands-on, behind the scenes seminar to look at more items in the collection.

In short, it was amazing.  I would imagine that there isn't a rug hooker around who wouldn't leave the exhibit and not feel the urge to rush home and hook a simple geometric rug, be inspired to be more random in their colour placements, or just plain old use more colours in their work.  Yes, it is that inspiring and wonderful....and I am very confident that you won't regret going.  And the show has been extended to January 12, 2014, so you have time to plan a trip.

I took a few snaps - just with my phone, so not the greatest....

Here is a little tease about the rugs - but if you want to see them, you will have to go and see the show for yourself... ;-)

P.S.  If you do go, you should try to view the show in a clockwise direction from the elevator. or stairs - this way you will save the hooked rugs for last... ;-)

P.P.S.  There is also a great catalogue available at the gift shop.... ;-)