Monday, November 27, 2006

9 and counting...

Well, I have been hooking for the last nine days in a row. I'm not sure if this is a record or not...but it is definitely much more than I have been hooking for the last year or so.

I finished the third checkerboard last week (I like it a lot more now--sorry I forgot to take a picture), and they are all pressed and waiting to be whipped. I am trying to decide how to finish them...and whether or not I should line the back or not (and hold it in place with the whipping) so they are temporarily on hold for now. Also, I was going to sew a skinny bag for the pieces (the mat would be rolled around the bag and tied with a strip of ultrasuede for storage)...but now I am wondering if I should just make a bigger bag for storing both the mat and the pieces. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, my Christmas workshop continues to be busy. I started on the Christmas stockings on Thursday night...and just finished sewing them together and giving them their final pressing last night. Voila!

Tonight I am starting on top-secret Christmas Present #1 (of 2) unfortunately there won't be much to tell or show you about these for a month--but I will continue to keep in touch ;-)

Happy holiday gift making!