Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hip Hip Horray!

I'm finished my evening bag. I designed, hooked, and mostly sewed together this evening bag in 2-3 days at the end of September...and then it got lost in my apartment. It barely took any time at all to do the finishing touches, but I guess that I was not very satisfied with the design (i.e. motifs) although I liked the pattern (shape and construction) well enough...and that was sufficient reason to delay indefinitely the final 45 minutes of work. Well, it's done now and I was able to take a couple of pictures, too (yes, I know I should have taken them in daylight--but daylight savings time is now over!) Ta da!

I have also been digging through my pictures to copy some for an upcoming article in the OHCG newsletter...and I came across two of my more recently finished purses. I am still working on the making up the patterns for them and the plan is to offer the designs in a limited number. I will also have blank patterns available, so that people can add their own motifs to the patterns.

Both of these purses are currently on display at the Bruce County Museum & Archives in Southampton until the end of the month.
As soon as I get my Christmas presents made (sorry....not too many sneak peeks on here since most of the recipients are frequent visitors....) I will be designing a couple more purse patterns.

It's glaze night at pottery I will have more bowl photos soon.