Tuesday, November 21, 2006

'Twas a productive weekend!

So there was much hooking done this weekend--so much that I decided I needed take a break last night after only about 30 minutes. My neck has been bothering me. I starting using my big frame again, and at first I had it set too high and on too much of an angle. Several adjustments later it was a lot more comfortable--but not before I had buggered my neck/shoulder. Oh well, it is better today...so hopefully I will be able to get back at it tonight. Plus, I am going for a massage on Friday morning, so that will help, too ;-)

What was I working on? Well, I finished the first checkerboard on Saturday...

...and I started the second. Finished the second.

...and started the third...

My favourite so far is definitely number two. I'm not really happy with number three, but I'm using the "just keep going" philosophy (and hoping for the best!)

In other news, I am already sold out of the Fall/Winter 2006 issue of the R.U.G. sack. There are still a handful of copies of Spring/Summer 2006 available if anyone is interested. It is impossible to guess how many spares I should print--I don't really want to be stuck with extras, since each copy costs money. Sorry to all who still want a copy of this issue--if you subscribe anytime between now and the end of April, I guarantee I will have a Spring/Summer 2007 for you ;-)

...back to work...happy hooking!