Monday, January 29, 2007


Yep, I finally got around to counting how many purses I have hooked and assembled, and it's 17! Even I was amazed.

I finished the final four. Finally. The first pictures are from the first purse I ever hooked -- and one of the last to be finished. It is a Karen Kahle pattern (i.e. motifs) and the finishing methods are all mine. I didn't have any Ultrasuede that "matched"...but I like the look of this sea green colour. It picks up on the greens in the hooking. There is one piece of Ultrasuede that makes up the sides, bottom and strap of the purse...

These next two purses were my "demo" bags at workshops. Way back, after teaching my very first class, I went and finished all of the purses that I had in varying stages of completion to show all of the steps in finishing a purse. A couple of weeks later I was invited to teach another class -- and so I needed to come up with new demos. I settled on just a couple this time, and needed to hook them in a hurry, hence the geometric designs. The top one (blues and browns) has an skinny oval bottom sewn on and the other one is just sewn shut without a bottom (so it's just good for your skinny wallet and a couple of Kleenex ;-) )

In case you're wondering about number four -- it just needed its lining sewn in, so it hardly counts, unless you consider that the lining was sewn together about 2 years ago. Yikes.
I'm off to go and write my speech for Saturday. Wish me luck!