Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, it's not very nice to start off a new year with a bad cold--especially when you are off from work already and had a lot of plans and lists of things you want to get accomplished. ...hopefully the rest of the year is better.

So what have I been doing? Well, aside from spending two whole days (and evenings) reformating and writing up purse patterns--and I'm not finished yet--I started a new knitting project. It is a scarf from a beautiful new book entitled Knitting Nature and I am working on my 6th or 7th hexagon of 15 which get progressively smaller. The wool is some baby Alpaca that I dyed last Friday using several Pro Chem acid dyes. I am satisfied with the results....but I am again reminded how sometimes it is not a good idea to rush when you are not in the mood--instant gratification does not always win in the end. In retrospect I would prefer a little brighter (yes, you heard correctly!) colours...and maybe like to see the hot pink a little more. Take a look...

I am knitting the two skeins together for a more tweedy effect...

I am looking forward to starting a new purse design, but I have promised myself that I will finish up all of the instruction booklets first and get the printing process underway. I am going to visit a couple of friends tomorrow and take pictures of the purses I made for them--somehow the photos were lost during the GHDR (great hard drive replacement) last year. I don't need another reminder of how important it is to do regular back-ups!

In the meantime, I am gazing longingly at these two plaits of Fleece Artist roving I picked up during Boxing week. I am going to incorporate one or both into my next project...yummy!

happy hooking!