Monday, March 26, 2007

my new Singer

Several years ago I bought my first sewing machine - a 1950s era Singer - complete with table/cabinet for $20! It has served me well, and I most definitely got my moneys worth. I had been having a few problems with it a couple of months ago, and around the same time, my aunt gifted me my grandmother's old Singer (same vintage, but a much fancier model). I then had two Singers.

Since then I been having some problems with my Grandma's machine, and I was beginning to think that the time had come for me to "bite the bullet" and treat myself to a brand new machine. I started researching new machines, and was horrified at the prices. You can practically buy a car for less than a new sewing machine! I was torn: new TV or new sewing machine. It had to be one or the other...not both.

My sister called last week, wanting to pop by and drop off my birthday present. Would I be home on Saturday afternoon? She would need help bringing it inside. My curiosity was piqued....what could it be? Imagine my surprise when she opened her tailgate to reveal a sewing machine! Jackpot!

It belonged to her neighbour's late wife, and arrived complete with cabinet and all of the original attachments, plates, etc. Even the instruction book - copyright 1972, so it's only one year older than me! I spent about 45 minutes cleaning it and oiling in all the necessary places, before I turned it on for a trial run. It sews like a dream!

You don't need to be a math whiz to figure out that I now have 3 Singers. At this rate, I will soon be able to open a museum! ;-)