Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Ahead...

My internal clock and calendar has been confused by the early switch to daylight savings time. Yesterday started off as a fabulous day. The sun was shining, the snow was melting, coats were unnecessary -- just like Spring!

I had hooked away on the second half of my newest purse for much of the day on Saturday, steamed it flat and left it to dry overnight, while I started cutting out lining and trim fabric. Sunday was full of promise, and I was hoping to get it all sewn together. With the problems I have been having with my sewing machine lately, I decided to go and visit my mum, and use hers. I hadn't really done all of my figuring ahead of time, and I was undecided about how I was going to attach my zipper (I think there is a reason why I haven't yet put a zipper at the opening of any of my purses to date). I made a couple of hasty decisions in a row that ended up being poor choices, plus I forgot some tools and materials that I needed at my place. I finally gave into my fatigue and crabbiness and stopped shortly after assembling the lining.

Here is the first half of the purse. I abandoned the idea of hooking it completely with nylons, and instead just used part of a pair of glittery gold and black ones (Calvin Klein from Winners on clearance)

I do have some other photos, but they haven't made the journey from camera to laptop yet...more to come in the coming days.