Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Too good to be true.

I love it when things come together quickly: an idea + materials + plan + commencement all take place in a very short amount of time. It is great when you are so excited about getting started pulling loops that you can hardly wait to begin. This is where I was at on Sunday night, right after my last post. Eager to get started and see my plan executed.

...until "poof" it came to an abrupt halt. Now, I know that it's been a while since I hooked with nylons, and I know that I designed the purse, dyed the nylons, drew the pattern and prepared the packing for hooking (i.e. sewing on the ultrasuede and zig-zagging around several times) all in the same day. And I know that I used nylons that I bought from Dollarama. And I know that my colours weren't exactly what I had planned--much lighter than I had envisioned. But I don't think that I deserved this. Not when this project was supposed to entertain and delight me while away and spending five nights at various hotels. Alone.

Okay, so here is the problem....
I had forgotten was that once you cut off the "bands" and stretch them so the edges roll in, the inside is actually on the outside. Now, the outside of my nylons is a little "brushed" and so they appear darker than the inside (they are more likely tights than sheers). There is also a thread that didn't take on as much of the dye and actually appear a little shiny. The end result is a bunch of colours that look more like Easter than Summer.

I am at a stand-still. I don't know if I want to try re-dyeing for this idea or shelve it to be hooked with wool. In the meantime, I can't decide if continuing to hook my thick dark stripes is worth my time or not. Consequently, I did no hooking yesterday, and doubt that any loops will be pulled tonight either. I am really starting to wish that I had brought my knitting on the road ;-)