Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's a bird! It's a plane! ....

…it’s a U.F.O. Like every craftsperson I know, I have a number of unfinished objects hiding around my place. They’re in drawers, bins, baskets and closets. I used to think that I only had two unfinished rugs, but I recently rediscovered a third. I also have three unfinished pillows (only one still has hooking to be done, the other two just need to be sewn together), one portrait requiring laser surgery on her eyes, three portraits yet to be started (of my remaining three grandparents), a HUGE 9’ by 12’ (yep, that’s feet, not inches!) room size rug that I have had for about 5 years, and an antique pattern.

It would be foolish to think that I will finish all of these projects this year…but my goal for the month of February is to at least finish two pillows, and maybe a third. The wool for the backs is picked out, and I have yarn ready to whip one of them. I didn’t get a chance to take daylight pictures of my pillow tops (each hooked at least 2-3 years ago!), but I will post some this weekend.

After the pillows it will be all purses, all the time for a while. I have a great idea for a summer purse hooked with nylons, and I have been dreaming of owls lately (and it’s not just because I have a pair of owl pyjamas, either ;-) ). I think there will be an owl purse in my not too distant future….

Oh, I almost forgot….the paper patterns are back in stock for those of you wanting one. It’s never too soon to get started on your Christmas gift making ;-) Happy hooking!