Friday, May 30, 2008

leaves and beads...

A month or so ago, maybe longer, I was wasting time at Chapters...looking forsomething to buy so that I could use a coupon (yes - I am a victim of marketing!) and happened upon this book:
One of the blogs I check periodically had had a post about it, and upon recognizing the cover, I picked it up for a closer look. It was love at first sight. It came home with me, and I think that I read the whole book that first night.

Although I was eager to get started creating some funky embellished clothes, I knew that my schedule would not permit it. The next day, I took the book over to AJs for her to look at....removing the temptation.

I picked it up again on the long weekend, and to avoid working on the newsletter, I started modifying a t-shirt I'd bought last summer. It was lots of fun to play around...but I think that I'm going to be taking a closer look at the book again before I begin my next project. Here is a picture... (although not a great one - have you ever tried taking a picture of yourself?)

The next time your wandering aimlessly in Chapters - check it out! As for me, I'll be back soon with pictures of other things I've made...