Friday, June 27, 2008

Days 3 to 5

Inspired by Sunnie's blog, I thought that it would be neat to record the progress made each day I spend working on my latest piece.

Monday night I decided that before I could fiddle any more with the centre trees and foliage, I really needed to get some water and sky in place...and I reluctantly removed the orange from the water.

Tuesday was my niece's Sweet Sixteen, so I didn't hook a single loop. On Wednesday night, I continued with the water....

On Thursday night, I finished off the water - for now. I'm sure that I will want to do some tweaking as time goes on - especially on the right hand side. With time left before bed, I resumed working on the foliage.

I am loving the thin turquoise and bright green dividing lines, playing off against the fiery reds and oranges, and hopefully visible in this close-up...