Wednesday, June 11, 2008

finito bambito

A few weeks ago, shortly after I finished hooking my latest purse, I still wanted to play around with basic geometric shapes and colour. So in a matter of minutes I dug out a piece of backing, measured off some lines, dug around for some leftover strips and started hooking. I'm sure that from the initial idea to the first look it was less than an hour. Some projects are just like that - quick to start. (Of course that sometimes means they are also slow to finish....but you can't have everything!)

With demands from work, newsletter and pony, my mat sat still for a couple of weeks. Going to the hook-in this past weekend spurred me to bring it out of hiding. Here's how it looked after the hook-in (poor photo - sorry!)

As I mentioned on Monday...I was feeling very eager to get this project put to bed, so I decided to shrink the size, from a rug to a mat. The hooking was all complete on Sunday....I pressed it on Monday, and then spend much of last night on the finishing. And here it is...

It's probably about 11-12" by 20-21" or so - I forgot to measure it this morning. It will be a useful table mat/runner. Here is a close-up of some of the +++. I tried to alternate light/medium + with darker + you can see a bit of a diagonal pattern if you look. And especially if you're legally blind like me and you gaze at it first thing in the morning without any glasses ;-)

I think that it would be fun to try a similar design using different colours in each diagonal row. You'd have to do some careful planning...but it could look really neat. And, it's a great way to use up leftovers...