Monday, June 30, 2008

Days 6 and 7

When the weatherman calls for rain, it’s a good idea to stay home and hook! The weather on Friday night was nice enough for us to work at the campsite, trying to get set-up for some family camping this summer. The mosquitoes agreed. Needless to say, we had a hard time motivating ourselves to finish off the rest of the work on Saturday or Sunday. Even though we had a few patches of sun both days, I spent the bulk of my spare time hooking – and it shows.

I had a lot of fun hooking clouds on Saturday…and I had a hard time forcing myself to stop in time to get ready to go out for dinner. Luckily I managed to get some more hooking time in after I got home….and more clouds appeared in the sky.

To hook the clouds I used a mixture of slub yarn (Fleece Artist Slubbly - dyed with sections of pale sky blue, pale grey, and pale purplish blue), some wool – and mohair – roving (dyed by Heidi Wulfraat and Fleece Artist), a couple of leftover pieces of wool from this project, and much of a ball of yarn I bought from the basement at Romni a couple of years ago (I’m happy that I still have another one, but I’m wishing I had bought more!)

I began day 7 by hooking some more fluffy clouds, and adding in a bigger one. I wanted to add one earlier, but luckily I realized in time that it would have been right in the centre. I was feeling a little nervous that there would be too much contrast between the sky and the rest of the rug, so I was keen to get the sky to actually meet the top of the hill. I fiddled around with the hill, deciding to add more outlining and another narrow band of colour to the top. I was starting to get excited, but then I realized that I also needed to tweak the bottom edge of the foliage (since there was no real outlining separating it from the water). This lead me to replacing the shoreline (for likely the 6th time!).

It was right around the same time that I decided that I had to tackle the centre trees. Although I had already removed the contrasting streamers and spirals (shown in earlier pictures), I still didn’t like them enough. I began to think that another problem might be all of the outlining. I ripped out any of the outlining in between side-by-side trees to see if this might help. It did! And I decided that the easiest thing to do was to rip out the whole section (especially since I’d already decided to re-hook the trees in a #8 (previously they were hooked in #6). I couldn’t believe that I actually ripped out a whole section – and I took a picture, just to prove it! ☺

I am liking it a lot more now, but it still needs more tweaking. Hopefully I’ll have time to work on it tonight…