Monday, October 27, 2008

happy to be the daughter of a dyer

Years before I started rug hooking - and even before I ever thought I might become a hooker - my mum was an active spinner and weaver and knitter. We were still living in Tasmania (20+ years ago) when she first started experimented with dyeing, using Cushings dyes she got from my rug hooking Grandma and fleece from our own sheep. Years later, she and AJ dyed hundreds - maybe even thousands - of skeins for sweater kits that were "Hand-dyed by My Sister and I". Growing up, I was definitely no stranger to the smell of vinegar in the air.

Even though she has dyed a lot of yarn, she still seemed to be hesitant to dye wool fabric for hooking. We've gotten together a few times since she started hooking for a Dye Day at my place, where she brings a bunch of wool and we play around with colour. Other times, she would just call me with her order when she needed a certain colour.

Mum's been talking for months now about dyeing up some of the boxes of fibre hiding out in her studio, even going so far as to wind up a dozen or so skeins of yarn, suitable for knitting socks. She did this in the summer...but she never seemed to get around to dyeing it (have I mentioned that my mum works best with a deadline?). I think that our recent trip finally gave her the inspirational nudge she needed.

At the end of last week, she and AB worked together to dye up all of those skeins as well as almost a bolt of fabric. They used the basic primaries of Cherry, Canary and Peacock, and also added some Terracotta, Crimson, Eqyptian Red, Ocean Green and Blue.

Here are the beautiful results....

...and not only can I cross having to dye for my mother off of my never-ending list of jobs - maybe I'll be able hire her to dye for me! ;-)