Sunday, May 31, 2009

part one - the booth

The Annual is over. The car is unpacked. I'm feeling too tired to move, but not yet tired enough to go to I decided to start posting about the weekend -- and hopefully begin retraining myself back into the habit of posting more regularly. This the first of several posts about the Annual.

Not only did I remember to bring my camera - I also remembered to take some pictures of my booth on Friday afternoon, before the fun began. Though not the greatest, they do show the basics (there were open double-doors right next to my booth on set-up day, so my camera had a difficult time coping with the sunlight streaming in...)

I was a little concerned that my booth (which ended up being slightly different dimensions than expected) looked a little sparse....but in the end, I was happy with how it all came together. As the weekend went along, we ended up moving things around quite a bit, to help out with the flow of traffic and bring some things out of hiding.

The little bags hanging right below each of the prototypes held patterns for that purse. This system seemed to work really well - and made sewing all of the bags worthwhile! ;-)

Overall, the response was overwhelming....and I could not have asked for a better first Annual as a vendor. It was a great time to visit with old friends, meet new rug hookers, and renew acquaintances -- talking about rug hooking is never boring with this crowd! I almost wish that I had a whole day to just sit and chat, and not worry about the next event or activity....especially since I only get to see some of these folks a couple of times a year - if I'm lucky!

In the car on the way home, my mum and Sandra and I brainstormed ideas of all of the things that we could and would do differently next time - and we even remembered to take notes! No doubt they will come in handy...

I'll be back soon with photos of some of the beautiful rugs that caught my eye...