Friday, May 01, 2009

R.U.G. tomorrow!

I always love going to RUG, and in the almost 10 years that I've been hooking....I think I've only missed one. [It was held on the same the day that I was the (old) Maid of Honour at my friend's wedding.] Not only is it a great chance to catch up with friends, there are always lots of beautiful rugs to admire. Seeing other people's work - especially when there is so much in one place - always inspires me to pick up my hook and start creating.

Tomorrow's program is going to be provided by the area teachers, and the format of the afternoon will be like an 'open class'. If you're coming to RUG, please bring something to hook on in the afternoon - and if you have something that you want some help with, that's even better! As always, don't forget to bring something for show and share, a mug, and a nut-free lunch.

Since I'm going to be a vendor this time around, I'm not sure how much time I'll have to spare, but I wanted to bring something to keep my hands busy. I've been hooking away on my (Wendie is a) Jeanius bag, and it's sure a speedy project -- you could easily hook one of these panels in an evening.

It's all prepped up and ready to be sewn together....all of the remaining finishing will be done by hand, so it's a pretty portable. I'll be back soon with pictures of the finished bag -- and some of the pretty things that catch my eye at R.U.G.

Hope to see you there!