Monday, August 10, 2009

not doing too badly

I've been feeling badly about neglecting my blog for the last while....until I had an idea tonight -- I checked back through the archives and discovered that I only had ONE post in August last year, and ZERO posts in August since this is my third post so far this month, I guess I'm not doing too badly in comparison.

My new camera arrived today....and while I've hardly had a chance to play with it yet, I did take a quick picture of it's step-sister....

So now you can see why a new camera really was in order. If you or anyone you know has a Canon camera that takes NB-4L batteries, I have two that are looking for new homes. Please let me know if you'd like one of them and/or the charger.

I spent almost the entire weekend working on my new pattern instruction booklets (except for a short break to watch a movie, visit with my niece for a short 12 hour visit/sleepover, and watch True Blood (have I already mentioned how much I LOVE this show?)). They are finally ready to head into the printer tomorrow....and now it's time for the drawing to begin (and the measuring, cutting, serging, too, of course!) I am expecting to be able to start filling orders by the end of the week (Thursday hopefully, but Friday at the latest).

Meanwhile, news of the discontinuation of Grayson e. leather purse handles is spreading like wildfire. Many people are anxious about not being able to get handles for their purses....and I would like to reassure you that I am working hard behind the scenes to find a solution. The challenge is that there is no easy solution, since a comparable product does not currently exist... I am working with a leather goods manufacturer to try and create some...and although the new handles won't be exactly the same, I'm hoping they will be even better. I will keep you posted on my progress...