Thursday, August 06, 2009

no longer blank

Before I started calling this option Blank Canvas, I had a couple of people inquire about adding their own designs and motifs to the Bala purse shape. One of these people was my friend Fiona (remember, I raved about her stuff here?)

I was excited to get an e-mail from Fiona earlier this week containing pictures of her finished purse. I think it looks fabulous. I'm including all of the pictures she sent, since the colours look a little different in the different light. I'm not sure which is more right - but regardless, they all look great. This is just another example of how everyone has their own style (thank goodness!) and that there are so many possibilities for decorating the outside of a hooked purse....

Fiona referred to herself as being "purse challenged"....but when I quizzed her for more details, she admitted that she may have rushed a the finish line a little bit. After really enjoying the hooking part, she was anxious to see her finished purse. But you can't really rush the assembly - it does take time and there are a lot of little steps... (but IMHO it' totally worth it :-) )

I know that Fiona is not the first person to get swept up in the final moments, eager to just have it be finished -- and I doubt that she will be the last. I'm equally guilty of the same....remember?