Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 19: 33.5 square feet

I finally had a chance to colour plan in the daylight on Saturday up until then, the rug lay spread out on my floor. I must say that seeing it out all week long has really motivated me to get a push on to finish (at least the centre).....and I sat and hooked the rest of Saturday and most of the day yesterday, while it snowed....and snowed....and snowed.

With about 11 square feet left to hook in the centre section, I am now setting a new goal of finishing it off by the end of my holidays (I'll be taking two weeks off and return to work on January 5th).

I find that goals are very important with a project this large -- if I ever want to see it finished. Without them, I know that too many other projects would take precedence and I would never dedicate the (gazillion) required hours. So this week, I will be pushing to get as much done as I can....after all I also have a stack of books waiting to be read over the holidays, too.