Sunday, June 05, 2011


Hooked by Barb Brunette

Yesterday I spent a lovely day up in Powassan (about an hour north), at a hook-in. After a crazy busy and draining week (with a mere 9" square hooked from Monday to Friday), it was great to be a participant for the day and only have to pack a lunch before leaving home. The whole day was very relaxing and filled with all of the usual chatter, treats, and sharing of ideas, in a room with lots of people that I already knew.

I never tire of seeing these 'scrappy' mats. This one was hooked by Kathryn Kirton.

After the normal show and share in the morning with lots of beautiful work shown, the afternoon program was great, too. Many people had been to the recent OHCG Annual in London, and so they went through each of the classes, one at a time, and participants shared their projects and what they had learned in the class.

By far, the best tip of the whole day came from someone in Heather Ritchie's class: if you wool is shredding, cut it on the diagonal (and it will be more stable). I will definitely be giving this a try...

I was most interested (and inspired) in seeing Sue's standing wool rugs. Last Fall, mum and I spent the afternoon chatting with Rose Ann Hunter at Stowe, and hearing all about her work and seeing her samples. And needless to say, I left feeling very inspired and with great intentions of making my own.

Life intervened and now I am again feeling energized to get creating. Here are the pieces Sue Finnis produced in Theresa English's class...

I LOVE this one! It's such a great idea....I might need to imitate it.... :-D

And, of course, no rug hooking gathering would be complete without a little stash enhancement.....

My Jumbo rug is starting to tax my wool supply a little bit, so I feel justified in making a few from any guilt.