Sunday, June 05, 2011

Week 24: 48.1 square feet

Yes, it was a slow going at the frame this week. From Monday to Friday I hooked a mere 9 square inches.....and so almost all of this week's progress was hooked last night and today. Oh well, a little is better than none!

My sister was complaining last week that it's hard to imagine how it will look when finished, so I spent a few minutes (14, to be exact) playing around in Photoshop and produced this sketch....

A few people commented on my off-hand remark last week about adding an outer border. What I'm thinking right now involves a narrow "black" and "white" design which would be 2-3 times as wide as the checkerboard, but in a different pattern - maybe something that relates more with the design in the centre field? There is lots (lots!) of time to decide that....right now I need to focus on squares. Six. Hundred. And. Twenty. Squares. Left. Yowza.