Monday, June 11, 2012

this and that

yes!  I am still breathing.  I've just been in a bit of a reading daze.  About 10 books in as many days.  Some good, some trashy, some really good, some bad.  A real mix, but a great escape none-the-less.  In between, I've been away for an extra-long weekend of training for work. 

I've squeezed in a quick lesson for the fifth generation (....and silently wished that I'd been clever enough to start rug hooking in the weeks before my 20th birthday).

I've been amazed that little 'Miracle' is still on the right side of of the grass.  He was under 30lbs at birth a couple of weeks ago.  

I've also been thinking about the long list of projects I want to start....but it hasn't really progressed beyond the list stage.  Yet.

It's a new week.  A fresh start.  Happy Monday!