Saturday, September 15, 2012

getting back to the wool

Over the last several days week, I've slowly been getting back into creating mode.  Yes, there has been knitting happening, and cooking over the last while.....but there is something special and free about just 'doing' and having a loose plan in mind for what you want to make – or sometimes no plan at all – and waiting to see how it all turns out.   I find it's even more fun and exciting when I get to play with my hand-dyed wools and all sorts of colours, with no pre-set scheme or ideas guiding me. 

I've been wanting to experiment some more with my Ewe-Fuse fabrics, and since nothing gets me moving quite like a deadline (did I mention that I need a little project to demo at an upcoming speaking engagement?), I just dove right in this last weekend.  The project I settled on is a little pouch to hold scissors and hooks.....

After making my first prototype with plain wool, I was itching to start using some pieces of Ewe-fuse that having been nesting since the Spring.  After a few attempts and some refinements, I had soon finalized my pattern and construction and I was ready to go into full swing production mode.  And then, before I knew it I had not only used up most of the leftover bits and pieces....but I also had a neat pile of cut pieces of fabric ready to go.  With just a wee bit of sewing, this pile will be transformed into a whopping 7 more bags!  But before I get ahead of myself, I need to stop and thing about what samples I want to use to demonstrate each the various steps in the finishing.  I could easily - and quickly - finish them all off.....and then need to make more samples.  No big deal, except for the fact that need everything ready and packed in just a couple of short weeks.

(I actually wrote this post days ago, but dragged my feet in taking the snaps.  Now I am off to go and do some sewing!  :-D)