Wednesday, September 19, 2012

yes, I'm knitting a skirt

This past summer was definitely 'the summer of the dress' for me.  More than any other summer than I can remember - and maybe even more than all of the last many summers put together - I was in love with wearing a skirt or dress and it quickly became my uniform most days.  While I have lost weight over the last couple of years, I think the real reason I shook off my 'fat leg syndrome' was when my (skinny) sister told me I was being ridiculous and quickly wrapped her hand around her own calve and then 'measured' mine the same way.  I was shocked that the difference was only an inch.

Now that Fall is in the air, I want to keep expanding my skirt wardrobe and start wearing lots of tights. I immediately thought of the Lanesplitter, but quickly thought about how I could make it without a seam.  With a few more days of pondering, I had the brainwave to mimic the lines of a favourite summer dress with a fishtail? hemline.  Well getting the idea was just the first teensy piece of the puzzle and a lot of thinking time and swatching time finally resulted in a real plan.  I started knitting for real on Sunday night...and if I can maintain my pace, I should hopefully have it finished in time for my trip to Rochester next weekend.  Provided it fits, of course!  LOL!

Sometimes when I am knitting with Noro, I have a tendency to micro-manage the colours.  I clip out those ones I think might aggravate me later on - usually the 1-2 colours that are a little bit lighter, maybe brighter or sometimes just a strange colour that does relate to the rest.  But not this time!  Nope, I am determined to just knit it as it happens.  The only choice I'm allowing myself is to choose which balls to knit with next, once one runs out.  It's so liberating!  ;-)

I'm still not 100% convinced that I like the two sides looking so different....but as Wendie says,  it will be like having two skirts in one - I can just choose which side I want facing front!