Friday, January 04, 2013

happy new year!

In my attempt to start off the New Year on the right track, I went for a nice, long walk outside on New Years Day.  Despite the nippy temperature, it was gorgeous out with lovely clear blue sky.

Reflecting on some of the (many) things lingering on my to do list, I happened upon this sign.  If you've ever been to visit, you know that I live just beyond a light-less railway crossing (and I am always paranoid that someone is going to get smacked on their way to my place - so please be sure you always stop and look both ways....). Now I see this sign every time I head into town...but that day, it just seemed so apropos to my reflections on my lengthy and unplanned blog absence that I took a quick snap....

Despite good intentions, I really had quite a long "stop before crossing" into the new year, didn't I?  And apart from a few little twinges of guilt along the way, the rest and break was really quite lovely.  You see, this year I will be having a 'big' birthday - four oh! - and although I wasn't too concerned about it for most of last year (following my 39th birthday in March), I'm beginning to wonder if all of the rest, relaxation and reflection of late of it isn't starting to tell a different story....?  Perhaps it's a good thing I still have a little bit more 'coming to terms' time ahead of me.

Last year I started off the year with several goals in mind.  Happily I can share that I did achieve several of them (reading more, shrinking more, and perhaps hooking more?)....but there is still room for improvement in some of the other areas (mainly blogging more and creating more).  I'm not really a big fan of resolutions that are too exclusive, finite or restrictive (e.g. quitting smoking, exercising every day, never eating chocolate again....etc.) – I know that just knowing I cannot do something makes me want to do it!  LOL!  So I find it works a little better if I'm a little more general in my goals.

For this upcoming year, I have a few areas where I want to focus my attention and energy.  I definitely want to continue to shrink, but with more of a focus on fitness and health vs. just looking better.  I also want to read more non-fiction and less junky, tranquilizing fiction.  I have a big pile of books (on art, creativity, craft, hooking, etc.) that has been steadily growing while I look at the pictures and then set them aside before I read much of the text.  I want that to change, so I am going to try and tackle at least one of those books each month and share my findings here.  Speaking of here, I am beginning to think that my lax attention here (80% of my posts last year were written in the first half of the year) is an indication that I need to change things up a bit on the blog.  I'm not sure right now quite what that is going to mean specifically, but I'm sure there will be some transitions with the blog this year.  Lastly, I would really like to explore my sewing and quilting more.  That bag full of Liberty Tana Lawn is starting to make me itchy to piece a quilt top....and I still want to start making some clothes. 

One thing is for sure - 2013 is starting off to be a busy year.  I am taking a camera class tomorrow down in the city (yes, I splurged on Sony Nex - and have much to learn)....and I have two exciting hooking trips in the first two months of the year - even before the big b-day!  

I just hope that 13 is only the next number after 12....but given that I got some pretty ugly blisters during my first big walk, I'm trying really hard not to believe in the superstition.... ;-)