Monday, January 07, 2013

MP by OP • Connie's Simple Geometric

A partial explanation for the quiet around here last Fall is that I taught something like 8 two-day classes,  performed 2 speaking engagements, went on 2 week-long road trips, and also sat as a student in a 3-day class.  Oh, and did I mention, this all took place within two months?? 

Despite the crazy schedule, the teaching was very fun.  It's always so nice to receive follow-up pictures from students - especially when they finish their projects!  ;-)

This picture arrived from London (ON) on the weekend.  I think that Connie did a great job of picking a good variety of amicable colours and working them in and around the simple shapes she drew on her backing.  With an easy framework, it's all about playing with the colours....and with a few simple tips, the balance just seems to appear by magic.  Connie wrote: "I absolutely loved doing this rug.  It seems to work up fairly fast.  Everyone loves my colours...."  And it's easy to see why – great job Connie!