Friday, April 10, 2009

still at it....

I could no longer procrastinate writing up the purse instructions....and finally got down to business yesterday afternoon. As with most things, once I got started I was soon wondering why I had been postponing... They are far from complete, but there is still hope ;-)

I began today by reading over and marking up the draft I printed just before bed last night....and so next I will start correcting all of the typos, formatting problems, gross omissions, etc. Then it will be time to play around in Photoshop to come up with some illustrations to accompany the words. All the while wishing and hoping that the broken hinge on my laptop doesn't wreck disaster (the part has been ordered....and it should be okay, but many little wires are involved.)

I've been toying around with a better name for the Pom purse, but no keepers as yet. I was pretty much decided on Henry's Pom (in tribute to Jonathan Rhys Meyers' sexy scene devouring a pomegranate in the Tudors - you can watch it here (my apologies for the cheesey trailer - skip to 0:20 for the real scene))...but then I watched the first episode of season 3 last night and let's just say that now I'm not so sure...
Do you have any good ideas?

I'm hoping to make great progress on this today, and maybe even finish up the Pom instructions (fingers crossed) so that I can get started on Everyday Carré tomorrow.

Tonight we're having our fancy Nanna Supper, where we attempt to recreate our childhood celebrations at my grandparents - my Dad carves at the table, the plates get passed down to my mother (and my sisters and/or me) to serve the vegetables, and we use all of the fancy dishes and silver. Yes, it's a lot of work and an endless amount of hand-washing....but it's always special. Happy Easter everyone!