Wednesday, April 01, 2009

checking in....

Whoosh! I just don't know where all of my nights have gone. The days have been crazy busy at work, so they are all accounted for...but the evenings are seem to be ending far too quickly this week. I spend the last couple of nights organizing and preparing wool for a dyeing marathon (to be held sometime in the next week). I couldn't believe how long it was taking me, until I stopped and figured out how much I had measured and torn (and measured and torn!). Out of curiosity, I started calculating and before I finished I was already bored, but I do know that there were well over 1500 notched measurements, over 400 tears, and over 50 yards of wool!

About half of the wool just arrived in the mail on Monday from Dorr. The piece laying across the top is one of my new favourites, and I'm already wishing that I had ordered more. If it dyes up as nicely as I'm imagining....I expect there will be more arriving at my door before too much longer. Isn't that one of the great things about wool - there's always another new favourite, just around the corner!?

I'm taking the week off next week - so that I can relax a bit, but mostly so that I can get ready for my upcoming rug hooking events...dyeing wool, drawing patterns, creating instructions, etc. So I'll definitely have lots to blog about next week! ;-)