Saturday, March 28, 2009

looking for something to do this weekend?

I've got a few suggestions - and some of them can even both be enjoyed from the comfort of your home....

• Download the first 20 episodes of The Book of Negros from Between the Covers either directly from CBC or from itunes. I'm really enjoying it - and can't wait for new episodes to be available (there are 5 new episodes each week). If you haven't tried hooking to books on tape, I highly recommend it.

• Tune into the Songwriter's Circle on one of my favourite radio stations: CBC Radio Two on Sunday afternoon (3pm where I live, click here for your region). It's being hosted this year by Hawksley Workman, (who sat next to me on the bus when we were in high school....and he is awesome, if you're not familiar with his music)

• Visit Fabricland for their 50% off members only sale - for 50% off everything in the store not already on sale. If you buy the cheetah print Gingher sewing shears, please don't tell me. In the process of finding a link, I just found out they're discontinued, so maybe I'll have to treat myself after all...

• Celebrate Earth Hour, tonight at 8:30pm. Is more explanation really necessary?

What are your plans or recommendations for the weekend?