Saturday, March 07, 2009


I was up fairly early this morning, considering I was up late last night working on the pom purse. I made a big batch of spaghetti sauce while still in my pyjamas - and felt like I was turning into my mother (and not in a good way! ;-) ). She is famous for flitting (we call it mitting") around the house in her nightgown.

The pom purse is practically ready to go, except the lining still needs to be sewn into place (which will be done today!) I'd bought some printable fabric earlier in the week and hadn't had a chance to experiment with label-making. I finally got around to doing that today - not wanting to rush through the steps, only to be disappointed in the end.

Several years ago, I happened upon an old Singer hand-operated pinker at an auction. It looks quite similar to a wool cutter, except for the fact that it only cuts one strip at a time and the blade is pinked - there's even an adjustable guide! It's certainly great to be able to use these old tools...and to know that they were so well made that they will last for at least as long as you need them.

I knew that it would be a lot easier to sew the label to the lining before it's attached to the rest of the I exhibited a little willpower and made myself wait. So often I am too eager to cross nagging jobs off my list and I keep plowing ahead, even though I know that it would be much easier if I just waited for a new piece, part, tool... Does this happen to anyone else? I am trying to "curb my enthusiasm"....but there's still more room for improvement.

I will try to take some proper pictures of the finished purse and post tomorrow. Right now I'm off to my folks to celebrate my dad's 65th birthday...